The Asian Fusion Ice Cream Sandwich

The Asian Ice Cream Sandwich

At T&T Supermarket, your ice cream freezers aren’t stocked with the regular chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry flavours. Nosiree, Bob. Instead, you’ll find red bean, green tea, mango, ginger, and black sesame flavours.

Pair a western flavour and an eastern flavour, and you have fusion flavour.

Chocolate + red bean
Chocolate + green tea
Chocolate + mango
Chocolate + ginger
Chocolate + black sesame

Strawberry + red bean
Strawberry + green tea
Strawberry + mango
Strawberry  + ginger
Strawberry + black sesame

Vanilla + red bean
Vanilla + green tea
Vanilla + mango
Vanilla + ginger
Vanilla + black sesame

All these combinations are winners. Today, I took the last combination of vanilla + black sesame to create a black sesame vanilla swirl ice cream sandwich. Don’t be too impressed, it’s not from scratch. This is how I did it in 3 easy steps:

1) Set aside two black sesame cookies from T&T bakery.

2) Place one scoop of vanilla ice cream and one scoop of black sesame ice cream (I used Hime brand) in a cup – then take a chopstick and fold the ice cream to marble the two flavours together.

3) Place the ball of black sesame vanilla swirl ice cream on one half of the cookie, and top it with the other cookie.

Enjoy! And, I’d use a plate to serve it because of those inevitable cookie crumbs.