The Blog Post of Awesome

Taking a page from “The Book of Awesome” by Neil Pasricha. Here is my version of Awesomeness to describe today and my past week:

  • Catching the new,  shiny and non-smelly Rocket train on the Toronto subway line
  • Enjoying a Chinese-styled hot sweet tea made with the condensed milk that I bought to work
  • Having Cy insist on driving me part way to work at 6am (odd early start, it’s my turn to set up company breakfast) so that he can make sure I get to work safely
  • Finding inspiration in the new Coldplay song, “Paradise”
  • Realizing that you wore the exactly the right number of layers for maximal warmth on a cold, windy day
  • Waking up to a Friday
  • Waking up to a Friday knowing that tomorrow is Saturday
  • Waking up to a Friday knowing that the day after tomorrow is Sunday
  • Discovering the Girl Guides at the Finch Station selling the  minty chocolate cookies
  • Eating in minty chocolate cookies from the Girl Guides
  • Reaching the 800 follower mark on Twitter.  Follow me? I’m @judyelee.
  • Receiving a +K in marketing from my friend Roberto at @betofaria.
  • Asking Siri some stupid questions on my friend Mike’s new iPhone 4S
  • Counting down the days until my bestie Pia arrives in Tdot for her work trip
  • Scoring a top-shelf goal at my floor hockey game
  • Bonding with my floor hockey team over beer (but, water for me) at Terrio’s
  • Securing a spot at Digifest Toronto
  • Getting an incredibly shiny loonie when I received my change from a purchase
  • Discussing the intricate details of the last 90210 episode with my coworker Chris
  • Indulging in pork belly, marshmallow cool hwip DeYoe fruit salad, butter tarts and “An Affair to Remember” on a rainy afternoon with the girls, Janela, Telisha, and Maya
  • Finding more shampoo in the almost empty shampoo bottle by unscrewing the lid
  • Listening to Cy play the guitar
  • Closing my eyes and spinning the silver and black globes at Indigo to pinpoint our next travel destinations
  • Winning tickets to see Dirty Girl but then catching 50/50 instead
  • Gearing up for Body Pump during my lunch hour
  • Contemplating our camera purchase. Sony NEX-5, are you calling my name?

Now, that I shared some of mine. What are yours?