Tip: Wash Your Car in the Winter

We know that it’s spring when we break out our lighter jackets in Toronto. No longer do I have to reach for my brown parka when we go out!

Time to go for walks in our neighborhood with a green tea frapp in hand, ah!
Time to sneak a few pre-summer patio drinks at Origin or Brassaii, ah!
Time to wash your car, oh…

No, really. Wash your car because salt on your car is the worst because when mixed with water – it is corrosive. Damage over time can kill your paint job, and rust away your car’s frame.

Cy and his auto engineering coworkers share a Petrocan car wash card, and they have a pretty serious schedule to share in the 90-day pass for $200. Check out their schedule to share the pass:

Group Car Wash Schedule-OurTorontoLife

It’s fast (click on the Vine snapshot below), and you have a bunch of car wash locations to choose from. Cons? It’s obviously not a perfect wash. The Captain Clean in me says, “you missed a spot,” and “oh, streaks on the bumper!”

Car Wash PetroCan Vine

Contrast that to a hand wash. Cy and I tried one for the first time at EE Auto Group in Markham with a Buytopia deal ($49 for a premium auto detailing package – value of $200) that we received as affliliate Buytopia bloggers.

If you don’t live nearby, it’s could be a bit of a drive. For us, we were on our way to Stouffville because Cy signed up for a go-kart session there.

It’s in a very industrial area, and once you find the building – drive all the way to the end. You’ll find the door that leads into the shop as you see in the picture below (see our dirty, dirty car)!

There was a bit of difficulty communicating with the staff since they spoke Mandarin and limited English. Then, there was Cy and I who spoke English and limited Mandarin. In the end, they were friendly and we sorted it all out!

Car Wash in Toronto-OurTorontoLife

This, I couldn’t capture on Vine because it was a serious 2-hour car wash.

Shampoo, wash, and rinse of the entire car including the inside edges, mats, and rims. Plus, interior vacuum and wipe down the interior of the car – goodbye dust bunnies! The last step was a protective sealant was added to protect the paint from salt.

Sparkle, sparkle. The car looked good – no streaks and no spots! Even the dog that hung out upstairs was barking at this point when it was done. He probably just wanted the guys to finish so he could enjoy a walk in the spring time sun – I don’t blame him!

Dog at Car Wash EE Auto Spa BuyTopia-OurTorontoLife

Schedule your car’s pampering session at EE Auto Group at one of their three locations:

11-152 Bullock Drive
Markham, Ontario

1B-7 Harlech Court
Thornhill, Ontario

1744 Meyer Drive, Unit 6
Mississuaga, Ontario

And, happy spring! Time to get a green tea frapp.