Art, Design and Passion at Pecha Kucha

Art, Design and Passion at Pecha Kucha

I have no idea what Pecha Kucha means even after attending the event of the same name.

At the end of the night, this is what I did learn from Pecha Kucha:

  • Ideas about things like Transhumanism (augmented reality with electronic implants), guerilla gardening (seed bombing of urban space), and finding “beauty” in Calgary (you decide).
  • Inspiration for new designs and art derive from old and many designs and art.
  • Magnificent Instagram pictures can make a wonderful presentation come to life.

Thanks goes to Eric B. who told me (and Cy) about this event. Would I go again? Maybe depending on the future speakers.

Picture: Play is not frivolous. The speaker (and, sorry, I forgot her name) talked about play inspiring work. In fact, play was necessary to build and pass the barriers of our made-up ideologies and mental walls.