The Cake for All Occasions

You have to be picky about cake because not every cake can do. Some people call me too picky, but that’s only because cake is important to me. I love cake. What do I look for?

  1. Fresh cake whether it be chiffon, pound, mousse or cheese. It can’t be stale and/or crumbly.
  2. Fresh ingredients that pop.
  3. Flavours that pleasure your palette without overwhelming it with  noise and strange aftertastes.
  4. Icing that is flavourful,  not too much, not too thick and not too sweet.
  5. Originality of the presentation isn’t at the top of the list but it helps especially if it’s for a special occasion.

If you are looking for a cake that covers the basics, I have a recommendation that would pleasantly surprise you.

Lemon Mascarpone Cake available at Metro and baked by Baker Street Bakery ($25.99)

Layers of moist lemon layer cake, fresh lemon curd and Mascarpone mousse combine to create this incredible dessert. Crunchy meringue completes this centerpiece.

Lemon Mascarpone CakeLemon Mascarpone Cake

Last month, we have had this cake for our brother-in-law’s birthday and then my own birthday. The testimonials for this cake have been overwhelmingly positive:

“Where did you get this cake? It’s amazing.” – Beth
“This cake is GROSS! Just kidding.” – Andrea
“This is my favourite cake now.” – Marcus

Source of pictures located here.