Our Hallowe’en Candy Stash: The Best to Worst List

The Hallowe'en Candy Best to Worst List

My company does candy grams every Hallowe’en to support our charity. It’s kind of like those elementary school days of exchanging Valentine’s cards and candies.

On this Hallowe’en, I got a great stash! Of course, there are some candy that are better than others. So, I decided to do a Judy Said/Cyrus Said version to rank our best to worst Hallowe’en candy stash!

Judy Said

Hershey’s Cookies and Creams > Coffee Crisp > Rockets > Aero > Smarties > Fuzzy Peaches > Swedish Berries > Twizzlers > Tootsie Roll > Monster Popping Candy > Dubble Bubble Pops > Prop Pop > No Name White Multi-Coloured Lollipop > Nibs

Cyrus Said

Aero > Hershey’s Cookies and Creams > Coffee Crisp > Twizzlers > Nibs > Smarties > Swedish Berries > Fuzzy Peaches > Tootsie Roll > Rockets > Marshies > Dubble Bubble Pops > Prop Pop > Monster Popping Candy > No Name White Multi-Coloured Lollipop

+ A million thank you’s to my generous candy donors: Daniela, Tyrone, Clinton, Betty, Stephanie, Holly, Rob and James