The Asian Fusion Ice Cream Sandwich

The Asian Ice Cream Sandwich

At T&T Supermarket, your ice cream freezers aren’t stocked with the regular chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry flavours. Nosiree, Bob. Instead, you’ll find red bean, green tea, mango, ginger, and black sesame flavours.

Pair a western flavour and an eastern flavour, and you have fusion flavour.

Chocolate + red bean
Chocolate + green tea
Chocolate + mango
Chocolate + ginger
Chocolate + black sesame

Strawberry + red bean
Strawberry + green tea
Strawberry + mango
Strawberry  + ginger
Strawberry + black sesame

Vanilla + red bean
Vanilla + green tea
Vanilla + mango
Vanilla + ginger
Vanilla + black sesame

All these combinations are winners. Today, I took the last combination of vanilla + black sesame to create a black sesame vanilla swirl ice cream sandwich. Don’t be too impressed, it’s not from scratch. This is how I did it in 3 easy steps:

1) Set aside two black sesame cookies from T&T bakery.

2) Place one scoop of vanilla ice cream and one scoop of black sesame ice cream (I used Hime brand) in a cup – then take a chopstick and fold the ice cream to marble the two flavours together.

3) Place the ball of black sesame vanilla swirl ice cream on one half of the cookie, and top it with the other cookie.

Enjoy! And, I’d use a plate to serve it because of those inevitable cookie crumbs.


A Bacon Truffle for Christmas

Attack of the Bacon BombWe made bacon pops without the lollipop sticks aka Bacon Bombs aka Bacon Truffles for Telisha’s Xcellent Xmas Xtravaganza party.

Party go-ers said that they were really good and full of that bacon flavour.

The recipe for your holiday enjoyment:

  • 4 ounces of goat cheese
  • 4 ounces of cream cheese (brick form, not whipped)

– Mix these this together  until smooth with a spoon each of dried basil and black pepper. Then, roll the ‘truffle’ into a big jawbreaker-sized ball and place onto a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Freeze for 5 minutes to firm up the ‘truffle’ balls.

  • 1 package of bacon finely chopped (bake in oven for 20 minutes)
  • finely chopped pecans
  • spoonful each of basil and pepper

– Roll the ‘truffle’ into the above mixture of dry ingredients. Then, eat.

Recipe modified from

Happy Holidays!

The Chinese Coca Cola

Chinese Coca Cola

A review of Chin Chin Grass Jelly drink from T&T.

It’s not green. Instead, grass jelly is dark, almost black. Grass jelly is made from leaves and stalks of a plant related to the mint family. Often times, it is served as a drink or even as a dessert in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In this drink, there was grass jelly liquid and grass jelly. It was a snack and a drink at the same time (like bubble tea).

The Breakdown

Grass Jelly Liquid – it’s kind of like a Chinese version of Coca Cola but it’s not fizzy, and it has a “grassy” taste to it (no kidding)

Grass Jelly – it’s hard to pour out of the can. The grass jelly is tasty, but you’d be enjoying it at the end of the can or cup if you don’t have a bubble tea straw handy.

Cost – $0.89 per can, so it’s cheap

Judy says, “oh la la, I like it.” Cy says, “it’s gross.”

What is the Toronto Underground Market (TUM)?

What is the Toronto Underground Market (TUM)?

All it took was a short walk, subway ride, shuttle bus, and another short walk to take Laura (my MHS co-worker friend) and I to the November TUM at the Evergreen Market. For the non-commuter, that would be enough to make you faint five times over. But, I’m used to it. So is Laura who lives about 100 steps away from me.

And, was TUM worth the commute? Yes. The gourmet food market was made up of really good smells and really good food.

Between the two of us, some of the things we tried included:

  • Cornbread grilled cheese with jalepenos topped with guacamole and creme fraiche from Comida Del Pueblo
    Not spicy like you think it might end up being. Very good until you get to the end because it was a big serving, and it didn’t taste as good cold.  
  • Fish taco from La Carnita
     Flavourful 4 bites with fish that didn’t taste like it was frozen. It’s worth the line up, and I bet there were 200 people in the line up by 7PM.
  • Tomato soup with balsamic vinegar Chocolate caramel brownie from Elle Cuisine
    Laura said this was a great way to end the night of indulgence.
  • Meaty Cuban Sandwich from Fidel Gastro
    Laura said this was very very good.

Obviously, I didn’t remember all the food names or bother to jot them down because my hands were too busy putting food into my mouth (especially the piped and torched marshmallow on my hand). Sorry.

Next TUM? It looks like it is happening in Feb of 2012.

Tips: Get your tickets the same day that tickets are released for sale. Get to the event early to avoid the crowd around 8PM. Bring a warm jacket or sweater, the venue is covered but you are basically outside. Split up with your friends so that you can minimize wait time at the line ups. Research the vendors and the food options ahead of time.