How to: Put Together A Cheap Hallowe’en Costume

HOW TO: Put Together A Cheap Hallowe'en Costume

Here is the formula: (Your closet for clothes and/or accessories) + (Value Village for clothes and/or accessories).

KING OF SKULLS (Childhood vampire cape that still fits! + spider rings from our Hallowe’en party years ago) + (Skull on stick from Dollarama, $1.25 + Evil Jester Top from Value Village, $24.99).

QUEEN OF HEARTS (Triangle necklace + white bomb-shaped earrings + Asian bumpit for hair) + (Used dress from Value Village, $9.99).

Other tips:

  • Use coloured hairspray for some extra fun. We used Alterego red hairspray from Value Village, $2.99.
  • Use your existing make up. Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack was our best friend for the heart, dark circles, hollowed out cheeks and nose.
  • Wear shoes that you already have. Why? No one will look at your costume shoes especially if you have to take them off at a house party.

Picture taken yesterday night before heading out for our friend Asha’s birthday/Hallowe’en party at Cheval.