What To Order at Shiso Tree Cafe

Cy takes after his mom – looks, organization, creativity, and his love for classic rock and guitars. Both of them have cool looking glasses too. Last week, she visited us and new baby D! Shiso Tree Cafe OurTorontoLife
With the frigid temps, we haven’t really gone out (plus, I was house bound by Chinese tradition – no going out for 30 days post baby’s birth). Jail time was over, and we decided to go out to eat in Japan Town’s Shiso Tree Cafe. We shared a bunch of dishes (family style of course), and here are the verdicts:

Wafu Smoked Salmon Salad Shiso Tree Cafe OurTorontoLife 2

Verdict: Order this, it’s like a fancy Japanese Caesar salad. They didn’t skimp on the smoked salmon!

Okonomiyaki Fries Shiso Tree Cafe OurTorontoLife $10

Verdict: Order this once to try. I liked the sauce, but the fries weren’t the best – they were fried for too long and hard.

Unagi Don Shiso Tree Cafe OurTorontoLife 2

Verdict: You must order this, it’s kinda life changing. It’s creamy, and the barbeque eel was meaty and flavourful.

Clam Spaghetti Shiso Tree Cafe OurTorontoLife 2

Verdict: You could pass on this one. It’s good but doesn’t compare to the Unagi Don (I took the leftover Unagi Don sauce and dumped it on this dish).

We were stuffed by lunch end, I mean look at those portion sizes – they were pretty big. After lunch, we went to Pacific Mall to look for cool, red glasses for Mom. You can never had enough pairs of cool glasses!

Shiso Tree Cafe
3160 Steeles Ave. East – Unit 1
Markham, ON

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Cheap Eats: 5-Course Meal for $15.99 at Ten Ren’s Tea Time

Ten Ren - OurTorontoLife.com

Looking for cheap and delicious?! I am loving Ten Ren’s Tea Time (Ten Ren) for being that niche combo of cheap and delicious. FYI: It is a tea shop that serves both traditional and bubble tea in GTA. You might have seen Ten Ren at Yorkdale Mall (look for that long line up near the Indigo/Rainforest part of the mall), Chinatown or Fairview Mall.

Only a few of them serve food, and the one on Times Avenue in Markham does. After a spin around Vaughan Mills mall, Cy and I went for dinner this past Saturday with our good friends, C and D.

This is what I ordered from the $15.99 Dinner Special menu:

Course 1 –  Green Tea Salad Simple salad with raisins. I don’t like raisins (except in Glosette form)!

Course 2 – Wonton Soup Lots of cabbage and 3 meaty wontons in hot soup. It comes in a cute bowl, and the server whips off the lid when he/she puts down the bowl.

Course 3 – Steamed Veggies with Garlic It doesn’t look like much, but this is really good. Watch out for that garlic breath!

Course 4- Crispy Duck with Taro I didn’t bother with my rice because this dish is so filling. Taro is all starch! The duck was on the dry side, but it still adds that nice, oily duck flavour that I love.

Course 5 – Egg Pudding Just when you thought your set meal was done, you get a mini dessert. The liquid topping is a sweet syrup, and the egg custard is nice, flavourful and smooth.

Drink  Litchee Yoghurt Slush (premium drink, so it was an additional $3.xx charge): This is why I come to Ten Ren. I’ve never had a bad drink here, and this was no exception. The Litchee and yoghurt combo is good (believe it or not) with no powder-y aftertaste.

I’m already dreaming about what to order next time. Yes, I dream about food…

Get your meal on at Ten Ren’s Tea Time:
111 Times Ave #101, Markham, ON L3T 0A2

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