Cheap and Tasty Dim Sum

Dim Sum Selfie Fisherman Villa Toronto

I think dim sum actually means “touch heart” – so, it’s like Chinese soul food. And, I love it for so many reasons:

– It’s the kind of brunch that I grew up having as a Chinese kid
– It’s undeniably delicious (except the chicken feet, IMO)
– It’s traditional and yet there are ever evolving dishes and fusion flavours
– It’s meant for sharing

Recently, my beautiful and hilarious friend Andrea and I shared dim sum at Fisherman Villa. I love it there because it reminds me of the old-school dim sum places (a little too crowded, and noisy) but without the push carts. Plus, the food is simple and tasty – and cheap! Usually, it’s safe to order 3 dishes per person so naturally…we ordered more than that. Here is what we filled our tummies up with:

Siu Mai Har Gao Dim Sum in Toronto
Standard orders of har gow (shrimp dumpling) and siu mai (pork dumpling) were good. You can’t go wrong with these!Rice Noodle Roll Taro Dim Sum Toronto
Extra sweet soy sauce on the cheung fun, please! We ordered the beef and watercress cheung fun and my very favourite wu tao gok (deep fried taro dumplings).
Turnip Cake Beef Ball Dim Sum Toronto
Lastly, we polished off the lau bak go (turnip cake) and ngao guk (beef balls).

Don’t come here if you want fancy dim sum. Come here for your simple dim sum items and their fresh char siu bolo bau (BBQ pork pineapple bun) – and for the value that it provides. Expect to pay around $7 (you eat a little) -15 (you eat a lot)/person depending on how stuffed you want to be.

At the end, we were stuffed and happy. So, dim sum really does “touch heart”…and my stomach!

Fisherman Villa
25 Glen Watford Dr Toronto, ON