Our Year in Review

Everyone says that a year’s time passes by so fast. I’d have to halfheartedly agree because looking back there were as many things we’ve done as there were things we wanted to get done. Here are some of the highlights that Cy and I enjoyed together in our first year of marriage.

FEB We moved into our house at the beginning of the year. This is the house that we’d like to grow older in. Right away, we decided that the upstairs bathroom renovation was a priority. There was no need to live with avocado paint, lack of storage and horrible lighting for much longer. We spent weekends and weekday nights sourcing materials and then doing the grunt work to piece together the bathroom. After a few months, it was done! If we were to impart any wisdom, it would be to be patient and be creative in your problem-solving. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have an enthusiastic engineer with skills in project management, electrical, plumbing, tiling, and painting (hey, I helped too!)

DIY Bathroom Reno - OurTorontoLife.com

FEB to DEC New beginnings for our family and friends with weddings: Phyllis & Bryan; Telisha & Greg; Cindy & Cory; and, Middy & Ian (see picture below – I was a bridesmaid and piano player; while, Cy was the guitar player). There were even some little ones that entered the world: Darien, Thea, Noah, Maddy, and Ava.

Godzilla Exxpos - OurTorontoLife.com

SEPT We celebrated our one-year anniversary in the charming Niagara on the Lake area. During our weekend trip, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sip some wonderful wines. One of wineries that caught our attention was Caroline Cellars Winery. There were no fees for sampling! And, there was the plum wine. Refreshing, sweet and of course fruity. Then, there was there was the story behind the plum wine. The farm nearby had an overabundance of plums that couldn’t be shipped out due to the poor weather. From this problem, the farmer and the winery came together to produce a wine. Since then, the plum wine has a been a popular seller.

Besides sipping wine, we also biked and bumbled around the “downtown” area.

JuCy in Niagara On The Lake - OurTorontLife.com Edit.jpg

SEPT We cottage’d with friends in Haliburton for the very first time. While the weather was poor (rain, rain, and more rain!), we made the most of it with hikes, water sports, Kawartha Maple Walnut ice cream, board games and of course Lion King sing-along songs . It’s true what they say about keeping good company – keep it and treasure it.

Cottage Glamour Shot - OurTorontoLife,com

MAY to OCT We joined new sports teams including the Exxxpos for softball, and Godzilla for ultimate frisbee. While Cy is a natural athlete, I’m simply not. What I lack in athletic prowess, I make up for it in my competitiveness and team spirit. I love it when team mates share the same approach to the game – and, we lucked out with friendly, helpful and team-minded individuals.

Godzilla Exxpos - OurTorontoLife.com

It’s nice to look back at the past year. A lot of our highlights couldn’t even be described because there were so many small yet simple things that we love. Sharing time with old and new friends. Dancing in the middle of the night at home. Singing at the top of our lungs to Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold”. Stuff like that.

In 2013, it’s nice to visualize and plan our future ahead. And of course, we’ll blog all about it.

Let’s rock and roll.