Inside Google’s Toronto Office | Girl Geeks Toronto hosts Build, Analyze and Optimize with Google

I couldn’t resist a Girl Geeks Toronto event. To top it off, this one was held at the new Google office in the Toronto headquarters (that’s the shining logo on the building). Hold up, what is Girl Geeks Toronto?

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Tech talks to tease thoughts.

Girl Geeks Toronto is a nonprofit group run by a committee of volunteer organizers. Every month we host themed talks, in essence mini-conferences, with speakers addressing a different aspect of the theme at each event.

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My fellow girl geeks were my friends, C and R – they are both in the marketing world like me. Together, we came to listen to Ali Honarvar (Google Engineer) and Hanoi Morillo (Google Account Executive) talk about their work.

Girl Geeks Toronto, Rachel and

Check out that Google podium. I almost expected the letters to start animating like those doodles we see on the search page. Here we have Lindsay and Emma of Girl Geeks Toronto welcoming all 100 geeks that showed up at the event. It was a full house in the training room!

– Google Chrome’s Developer Tools can make changes really quickly and easily when Ali demo’d his flurry of code. However, it was still a bit of french to me.
– Ok, now the stuff that really gets me going. Hanoi talked about user experience and measurement as key considerations when it comes your digital space be it a website, blog, or mobile HTML 5 app. Here are a few of my favourite tweets of the night that drove her points home:

  1. @wendyjacinto: Top 5 google analytics reports via @HanoiMorillo – efficiency, traffic sources, device optimization, in & out, multi-channels #girlgeeksto
  2. @lyndonJJ: In & Out at @GirlGeeksTO. Not the burger chain but the visitor experience#girlgeeksto
  3. @communicable: “Basic channel grouping path” #girlgeeksto google that.
  4. @laarniparas: #4: In & Out: Why are ur site users leaving b4 step 2? It’s like deciding to get married & leaving b4 the church #kickassreport #girlgeeksto
  5. @suesthegrl: If you change something on your site, go back a month later & look at the analytics… They will show you if it was effective. #girlgeeksTO

Not convinced? Google Analytics gets really real in the video below – click it, and it’s going to give you a few laughs (and insight).

Geek out, the next Girl Geeks Toronto event will be posted here.