Thai Tapas at Sabai Sabai

At home, I’ve made my own versions of Thai food. Think pineapple fried rice with tons of cashews, green curry with chicken, and ketchup-y pad thai. That’s the kind of stuff that I see in a lot of Thai restaurants in Toronto too. But, that’s not the case at Sabai Sabai (owned by the Khao San Road folks). The menu is made up of unique Thai tapas including an entire vegan selection.

Order a bunch, and share it with your friends like we did with our buds, Andrew and Alison.

Sabai Sabai Squash Fritter Papaya Salad OurTorontoLifeSabai Sabai Grilled Fish Grilled Pork Rice Khao Soh OurTorontoLife
Sabai Sabai Thai Food Toronto OurtTorontoLifeSabai Sabai Taro Egg Dessert OurTorontoLife

Sabai Sabai Cyrus Judy Alison Andrew OurTorontoLife

1) deep friend freshly grated squash fritters,$7 I did not expect them to look like this, and they were really good! Ask for extra sauce.

2) fresh green papaya salad, $5 Colourful, and pretty but it was probably my least favourite. The papaya wasn’t quite ripe so it had a raw taste to it.

3) massaman curry with braised flat iron beef, $9 Tender just the way it should be.

4) grilled northern thai pork skewers with spicy nam chim dip, $8 These remind me of the Singaporean-style skewers, and they were pretty good!

5) crispy fish with housemade sweet & tangy tamarind reduction, $8 Order this, I only wish that the portion was bigger. Yeah, I know they are tapas size so I can’t complain.

6) khao soi, egg noodles in coconut curry gravy with shrimp, $9 My favourite! The perfect, homey noodle bowl with creamy broth and chewy noodles.

7) taro egg custard, $5 Not too sweet, and everyone really liked it. I might have liked it even more with condensed milk (I like my desserts to be sweet).

Not pictured because they were gone in 60 seconds: crispy shrimp chips with tamarind dip and slushy Thai iced tea.

Plus, this place has a great vibe and kitschy decor accents. So I’d give up your ketchup-y pad thai for this place, 100%. Thanks for the recommendation, Andrew…and the fun 2 thumbs up picture.

225 Church Street
Toronto, ON
M5B 1Y7

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How to make a Vietnamese avocado shake

Cy and I love going for pho especially as a post-ultimate meal. Usually, we get the amateur’s pho with rare beef and meatballs. If we treat ourselves, we split an avocado shake.

Avocado nerd-alert fact: “Avocados contain no saturated fat or cholesterol and are virtually the only fruit that provides good-for-you mono-unsaturated fat.” via

So, there we have it. Vietnamese avocado shakes are kind of healthy. Here are the easy instructions to make one at home:

ingredients for vietnamese avocado shake #luvmexavocado ourtorontolife

Throw this all into a blender, then blend it on high for about 1 minute until it is smooth. DONE!

vietnamese avocadeo shake luvmexavocado ourtorontolifeIt’s the perfect summer drink! Smooth, cold, and creamy.

#luvmexavocado ourtorontolife

P.S. We were asked to take part in the #luvmexavocado project with, and we was compensated for the ingredients. However, all opinions are both Cy and I’s.

Girl Geeks Toronto | To Infinity and Beyond: The Next Generation of Space Travel with Talmon Firestone and Natalie Panek

Sourced from Girl Geeks Toronto To Infinity and Beyond The Next Generation of Space Travel with Talmon Firestone and Natalie Panek

In this blog post, I want you to put yourself firmly into the shoes of your 5 year old self. Dreams were boundless then. What did you want to be when you grew up? If you asked me, I would have said artist because I loved drawing especially animals (then, I became a marketing professional).

Maybe you would have said something like doctor? Or maybe teacher, marine biologist or astronaut?

If you didn’t dream of being an astronaut, have you ever been fascinated by the night skies? They are full of mysteries besides the illuminating stars, planets, and suns. It’s even an entire Hollywood genre with the biggest and baddest movies Star Wars, Star Trek, and Space Balls (this was just bad).

I was lucky to have the opportunity to learn more about space at the latest Girl Geeks Toronto event. Caroline McGregor, Lindsay Munro and Tutu Ilelaboye presented the space aces, Talmon Firestone and Natalie Panek. In their separate conversations, they introduced the ideas and concepts around aerospace that once started as someone’s dreams.

Talmon Firestone from RE-Labs, Emerging Technology Entrepreneur

Astronomy 101 changed his life. It was easy because he was passionate about it like these big names: Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Robert Bigelow. These big names came with big pockets, and their respective projects in suborbital travel  have garnered attention around the globe. Some of them competed for the Ansari X Prize, and won.

For the space noob like me, here are some definitions that came from Wikipedia.

Suborbital travel according to Wikipedia: A sub-orbital space flight is a spaceflight in which the spacecraft reaches space, but its trajectory intersects the atmosphere or surface of the gravitating body from which it was launched, so that it does not complete one orbital revolution.

Ansari X Prize according to Wikipedia: The Ansari X Prize was a space competition in which the X Prize Foundation offered a US$10,000,000 prize for the first non-government organization to launch a reusable manned spacecraft into space twice within two weeks.

How do you get involved?

@GirlGeeksTO: Seems the best way to become a millionaire in the space industry is to start by being a billionaire. #girlgeeksto

Natalie Panek from MDA Space Missions, Robotic Operator and Aerospace Engineer

Solar Cell 101 changed her life. She studied solar cells, devices that convert light energy directly into energy. In fact, she was part of a team that built a solar-powered car from scratch. That ride was raced across North America, and it sparked some thoughts.

@lizoke: #solar #cars could become mainstream soon #GirlGeeksTO

From solar-powered cars to space, Natalie works on the next generation of the Canada Arm. Did you know that  the delay of the arm control from Earth is only a few seconds?

Mind blown? Here is the team that did that for me. Presenting from L-R: Talmon Firestone, Lindsay Munro, Natalie Panek, Caroline McGregor, and Tutu Ilelaboye.

 Girl Geeks Toronto To Infinity and Beyond The Next Generation of Space Travel with Talmon Firestone Natalie Panek Caroline McGregor Tutu Ilelaboye Lindsay Munro

Thank you to Girl Geeks Toronto. Not only do they fill your brain with possibilities, you also get fed at the same time. Sandwiches, yummy Holly Lew cookies and drinks! The next event? Find it here.

Until the next event, keep dreaming.

How to make homemade butter

Last week, our friend Say invited us over. We came with empty stomachs because he subscribes to the theory, “go big, or go home”. A fully stocked fridge, several loaves of banana bread, bacon and MORE is what we expect and have come to love.  Italian was the theme this time. There was gourmet coffee, pasta with simple tomato sauce (also an interesting curry alfredo sauce), affogato, tiramisu, Italian waffles, G for Gelato…and bruschetta served on a baguette with homemade butter. I had to ask, “Say, you made butter?”

Mason Jar Whipping Cream Homemade Butter OurTorontoLife

Let’s get started!

Mason Jar filled with Whipping Cream Homemade Butter OurTorontoLife

Say Pouxai JudyeLee Cyrus Making Homemade Butter OurTorontoLifeAfter 15-20 minutes of shaking, you will hear a “POP!” and the butter will have separated from the buttermilk. You will see two distinct entities in the jar: butter and buttermilk.

Homemade Butter Homemade Buttermilk OurTorontoLifePour the buttermilk into another container, and you will be left with butter. It will be a soft, room-temperature butter. Mix in a bit of salt, and that will bring out the sweet and creamy flavours of the butter.

Serve it on bread, bake with it, smother it on corn on a cob, and/or whatever you do with butter! Just make sure to store it, and it can last for about a month or so (get rid of it when you see fuzzy mold).

Your turn, try it!

Sunday Dinner at Rock Lobster

I dare you to disagree with this statement: Ossington and Dundas (Little Italy/Portugal Village) is a hot bed of delicious eats. Because it’s true! A few restaurants that Cy and I have tried in that area include: The Saint, Salt Wine Bar and Pizzeria Libretto (all really good).

Recently, we tried Rock Lobster. Our friends have been raving about this seafood restaurant because it is both amazing and affordable.

Affordable seafood in Toronto Rock Lobster OurTorontoLife

Guess what is on Rock Lobster’s menu?

Rock Lobster Caesar at Bar OurTorontoLife

We started at the bar with some drinks. Take a look at that drink; it’s not an ordinary Caesar. Look closely, and you’ll see a half lobster tail. I kindly requested that Cy order it so that I can try it. You see, I don’t really drink but I like the idea of drinking interesting concoctions. Of course, I couldn’t resist this one and I ended up drinking at least half of it. SUCH A GOOD DEAL – a full lobster tail is $12 on the menu, and here you are getting a drink + a half lobster tail.

Rock Lobster Mac and Cheese Lobster Roll Jerk Crab Shrimp Steak Tartar OurTorontoLifeThe run down of our meal shared with C and D:

Lobster Poutine – $13 Crispy fries with a generous portion of savoury gravy. Topped with lobster, of course!

Lobster Roll – $14 This was everyone’s favourite! The bun was toasty, and there was a generous amount of lobster coated with a creamy dressing inside. It was hard splitting it 4 ways because we wanted to have more.

Jerk Crab + Shrimp – $13 Spicy! I liked the shrimps better than the crab because the flavours really penetrated into the shrimp meat more.

Steak TarTar + Lobster – $12 You have to be into steak tartar to like this, and luckily for me…I am. And, it went really well with the chips.

Next time (and I hope this is soon), we will have to order the famous Mac n’ Cheese and Lobster Supper (try it on Sundays, it’s $25 instead of $39).

To be honest, we were craving more food by the time we were done. So, we head off to the closest McDonald’s for a light and unhealthy snack. Sometimes, you just have to.

Rock Lobster
110 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z2

Rock Lobster on Urbanspoon

Hadouken Meme

My 90’s childhood was made up of scrunchies, freezies and Street Fighter. Enter the Hadouken Meme, and Cy and I were ready to try this one out.

Judy and Cyrus Hadouken Meme OurTorontoLife FIGHT

Judy and Cyrus Hadouken Meme OurTorontoLife Fireball

So, who wins? Chose your own adventure time – who claims the K.O.?!

Click here if you want CYBORG to win! 
Click here if you want JB to win!

A special thank you to Arezou of Canan Photography for taking these fun pictures for us! She didn’t bat an eye when we explained to her what we had in mind. In fact, she was quick to give us pointers on how to jump and hadouken.

Then, our pictures were in our hands within a week of shooting – that’s super fast! If you want to get some fashion, family, head shot, or wedding pictures done of your own, try booking her ahead of time here.

Also, we would like to point out that we received this special photo shoot via Buytopia deal ($59 for a 60-minute in-studio photo shoot package) as affliliate bloggers.

Disclaimer: Judy and Cyrus were not injured in this photo shoot. When we aren’t play fighting, we are dancing to old rock tunes.

Our Haul from Vaughan Mills

From T-B, L-R: J. Crew Factory Men’s long-sleeve tee, J. Crew Women’s long-sleeve tee, Banana Republic Factory Men’s Houndtooth dress pants, J. Crew Women’s long-sleeve tee, Banana Republic Factory Women’s 3/4 Military Top, and Banana Republic Women’s 3/4 Wrap.

Vaughan Mills has the American outlet stores, cheesy mall feel, and Purdy’s for that dipped ice cream bar snack.

Some of the stores that Cy and I liked include: J. Crew, Banana Republic, Legoland (just the gift store, the admission is $), and Bass Pro Shops.

We are not going to driving down to Buffalo anymore! Thanks to our good friends, C and D for introducing us to Vaughan Mills.

Vaughan Mills 
1 Bass Pro Mills Dr
Concord, ON L4K 5W4

I went back home

@judyelee vancouver ourtorontolife

I’m sorry if I didn’t let everyone know, but I was in Vancouver for a one-day work event. The Art of Leadership was held last Thursday, and my coworker/friend A ballz and I were there to take it in. One highlight was watching Susan Cain who first crossed my YouTube screen first in a Ted talk on the power of introverts.

Another highlight was just being home. My entire family lives in Vancouver, and it’s almost a treat to go back due to limited vacation time and the ridiculous airline fees to/from Toronto. This past trip, I went on my own while Cy stayed in Toronto. I spent time with my family and in laws, and even caught some very quick bites with some very close friends.

While I was home, it was comfortable yet strange at the same time. I was surrounded by a once familiar life that I left behind nearly 3 years ago. Meals that my mom would make, the interactions with my family, the smell and taste of her cooking, old clothing from my university days, the neighbourhood that I’ve known so well that proudly boasts one of my favourite bakeries in the city…and more.

Even with all of these things, I was missing something and someone – my home that I made with Cy. It makes me think, what does home really mean to me now?

Tearing Up The House with My Husband

Cyrus Home Renovation Toronto Semi Glass WallGoodbye, wall! Oops, that wasn’t part of the original plan. Let’s start from the beginning.

After finishing up our upstairs bathroom, we can say that we have the reno itch. Let’s do this, this and that! There are plans for the basement, backyard and now, the office (formerly known as the guest bedroom).

Go up the stairs, and the room on the right is the office. It needed at the very least, a fresh coat of paint, and new electrical outlets where they no longer exposed and at floor level. On top of that, Cy envisioned new baseboards, and demolishing the corner closet (see the Solid Works floor plan). Then, I had an AH-HA moment! Let’s knock down the wall.

Imagine this. Floor-to-ceiling glass to create the look of uninterrupted space. Functionally, it will let in the bright sunshine for natural indoor light. The office will have almost a look of a loft while being enclosed, and a curtain could easily be installed to provide some privacy.

Part of our inspiration came from pictures, and our Pinterest accounts (Cy’s Pinterest; Judy’s Pinterest) are blowing up with our dreams of building something modern in our character home.


Right now, as I type out this blog post, Cy is hammering his heart out to finish the  framing of the “window.” After that step, we have far more ahead of us. It turns out, that this “small project” with a few steps turned into a big project with many steps.

With Cy doing most of the hard work, I’m left to assist and do the rest of the house work. So, I have to say that team work is the biggest key to DIY renovations. It starts by understanding each other’s strengths (Cy is handy, detail guy; whereas, I am the design and big picture gal), and leveraging them as far as you can – divide and conquer! What are some other tips?

  • Communicate all dreamy ideas and make sure that all decisions are made together.
  • Agree on a budget that you are both comfortable with.
  • Take breaks, and reward yourself with froyo or something special because you deserve it.
  • Remember, the reno will be worth it – and in the meantime, exercise a whole bunch of patience, keep an optimistic attitude, and have fun with it!

Soon, we’ll show you our AFTER pictures where we will start the post off with “hello, glass wall!”