About Our Toronto Life | Judy and Cyrus

Judy and Cyrus - OurTorontoLife.com

Judy and Cyrus (or Cy) are former Vancouverites finding a home in the big city of Toronto.

We have expectations of our future here.

And, expectations are a funny thing. You can’t have all the fortune in the world to receive the expected, and sometimes the unexpected is far better.

In this blog, we hope to expect the unexpected – and take it, work with it, and shape it to make it ours.

Some blogs focus on food, travel, photography, or just a specific topic.

This blog won’t be any one of those. It will be all of the above (my favourite answer) to capture what and who we are especially for the family and friends we have at home in Vancouver.


Judy and Cyrus

Photo credit goes to Randal of Randal Kurt Photography


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