Happy Mother’s Day + Contest

Mothers are superheroes. They are strong, fearless and put up with us through all the good and bad. For example, Cy’s mom supported us in words and actions when we made our big move to Toronto after our wedding. There was a lot of packing involved there!

Gelaskins Mother's Day Contest

This is what Cy had to say about Mom:

Her Super Power:  Muscle mimic. She could see something, and then pick it up easily like piano, arts & crafts, cooking, kung fu and tai chi.
How are you most like your mom? She is always happy and tries to look for the best in all scenarios.
My Favourite Memory: As a kid, she would tuck me into bed and tell me that I was the best. She is the best too.

I have to add that she really is great, and she has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable.

This year, Cy and I chose to do something different for Mother’s Day. Flowers die, and chocolates are old. She has an iPhone 4S, and a new case to match her style would be something that could brighten up her Mother’s Day and everyday when she uses it.

We asked her to pick a case, and the selection is the best – yes, it really is. This isn’t the kind of case design or quality that you will get at some cheap Asian mall.

She picked her top favourite designs, and Cy and I picked Mandevilla Flower because it was vibrant like her.

Gelaskin Mother's Day Iphone Case


Win $50 towards any Gelaskins product like an iPhone case, iPad skin or fine art print for your mom. Enter by posting a comment with your name, email and what your mom’s superhero power is.

The winner will be drawn by random end of day on May 8th.

**Special thank you to Casie Stewart of Gelaskins for sponsoring this special giveaway contest**



16 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day + Contest”

  1. Tsarina says:

    My Mom’s Superhero Power…there’s a million but the most powerful one is her perfectionism, which has influenced me profoundly as a child. She has very high standards and doesn’t like to leave things half finished. The same with achieving any educational and career goals (never be a jack of all trades, master of none). And I agree, it’s a very important life skill that I will take with me forever. I greatly admire her diligence and unfailing attitude.
    So, on this Mother’s Day, I have made something special for her that will show how much love, appreciation, and perfection I have put in it. She will be so surprised…
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and Cy’s family!! :))

  2. Andrea says:

    Her Super Power: Being a business powerhouse, while having the respect and admiration of those that worked for her and with her
    How are you most like your mom? I’m not quite a business powerhouse yet…but hope to be someday. She was the best model for me to aspire to
    My Favourite Memory: When she took a picture of all of my friends and said to say “dinkie!!!!” instead of cheese!

  3. Sandy G. says:

    How it seems she is never tired,(or at least she never shows!) I admire her for so many reasons, she is a strong woman and at the same time she is very sweet, my mom is my super hero!

  4. Tracey says:

    Entertaining superpowers – no one makes hosting a party look so good and simple.

  5. Is this contest opened to Vancouverites? ;)

    I think my mom’s super power is that she is able to stir a dish in a matter of minutes to feed us all. A very comforting dish too!

  6. Ariane says:

    Mom’s super power is her ability to make me feel better when I’m feeling sick. Nothing can replace mom’s TLC!

  7. Erica Best says:

    My mom’s superhero power a super ears

  8. My mom’s superhero power is Super Safety! It sounds kind of lame but she’s probably the most cautious and prepared person I’ve ever met. She’s always super aware of how to avoid being attacked or getting out of dangerous situations LOL.

  9. Tsuen Wong says:

    My Mother’s superpowers are unmatched when it comes to seeking bargins while shopping. She loves her 2 sons and 2 grandchildren more than anything in the world.

  10. Emma Cordner says:

    My mums super power – SUPER SEAMSTRESS! The ability to fix, sew, mend any article of clothing at any point in the day or night. This even includes sewing me into my prom dress 10 minutes before prom ;)

  11. Andrew says:

    Momma Chow’s special ability is to fall asleep wherever and whenever (no, really). This lady can nap whether it be sitting on the bus or standing in a busy Chinese restaurant. What’s amazing is that whenever she wakes up, it’s always with a better mood and magically has forgotten (insert forgiven) that horrible thing I “just” did.

    “The only thing your mom didn’t give you are your adult teeth”

  12. My mom’s superpower is her amazing hugs that always make you feel better.

  13. Eric Buchegger says:

    My mom’s superpower is incredible emotional strength – she’s always willing and able to lend support, even though we’re separated by over 5,000 kms. :-)

  14. Pia Tan says:

    My mom’s superhero power is that she can cook you a delicious home cooked meal that not only warms your tummy but also let’s you open up anything and everything that is on your mind. I think I partially inherited this power ;)

  15. Laura says:

    Laura – mom’s super power is caring teddy bear – she’s anticipates your needs and is always there to listen and offer support!

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