Sunday Dinner at Rock Lobster

I dare you to disagree with this statement: Ossington and Dundas (Little Italy/Portugal Village) is a hot bed of delicious eats. Because it’s true! A few restaurants that Cy and I have tried in that area include: The Saint, Salt Wine Bar and Pizzeria Libretto (all really good).

Recently, we tried Rock Lobster. Our friends have been raving about this seafood restaurant because it is both amazing and affordable.

Affordable seafood in Toronto Rock Lobster OurTorontoLife

Guess what is on Rock Lobster’s menu?

Rock Lobster Caesar at Bar OurTorontoLife

We started at the bar with some drinks. Take a look at that drink; it’s not an ordinary Caesar. Look closely, and you’ll see a half lobster tail. I kindly requested that Cy order it so that I can try it. You see, I don’t really drink but I like the idea of drinking interesting concoctions. Of course, I couldn’t resist this one and I ended up drinking at least half of it. SUCH A GOOD DEAL – a full lobster tail is $12 on the menu, and here you are getting a drink + a half lobster tail.

Rock Lobster Mac and Cheese Lobster Roll Jerk Crab Shrimp Steak Tartar OurTorontoLifeThe run down of our meal shared with C and D:

Lobster Poutine – $13 Crispy fries with a generous portion of savoury gravy. Topped with lobster, of course!

Lobster Roll – $14 This was everyone’s favourite! The bun was toasty, and there was a generous amount of lobster coated with a creamy dressing inside. It was hard splitting it 4 ways because we wanted to have more.

Jerk Crab + Shrimp – $13 Spicy! I liked the shrimps better than the crab because the flavours really penetrated into the shrimp meat more.

Steak TarTar + Lobster – $12 You have to be into steak tartar to like this, and luckily for me…I am. And, it went really well with the chips.

Next time (and I hope this is soon), we will have to order the famous Mac n’ Cheese and Lobster Supper (try it on Sundays, it’s $25 instead of $39).

To be honest, we were craving more food by the time we were done. So, we head off to the closest McDonald’s for a light and unhealthy snack. Sometimes, you just have to.

Rock Lobster
110 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z2

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    Great info, as always. You and Cy really do have the ‘Life’.

    • thanks, karen + restaurants and hotels magazine for the reblog/like/kind comment (aw)! you guys are stars. also, how come we haven’t met yet? we should soon. ;)

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