Hadouken Meme

My 90’s childhood was made up of scrunchies, freezies and Street Fighter. Enter the Hadouken Meme, and Cy and I were ready to try this one out.

Judy and Cyrus Hadouken Meme OurTorontoLife FIGHT

Judy and Cyrus Hadouken Meme OurTorontoLife Fireball

So, who wins? Chose your own adventure time – who claims the K.O.?!

Click here if you want CYBORG to win! 
Click here if you want JB to win!

A special thank you to Arezou of Canan Photography for taking these fun pictures for us! She didn’t bat an eye when we explained to her what we had in mind. In fact, she was quick to give us pointers on how to jump and hadouken.

Then, our pictures were in our hands within a week of shooting – that’s super fast! If you want to get some fashion, family, head shot, or wedding pictures done of your own, try booking her ahead of time here.

Also, we would like to point out that we received this special photo shoot via Buytopia deal ($59 for a 60-minute in-studio photo shoot package) as affliliate bloggers.

Disclaimer: Judy and Cyrus were not injured in this photo shoot. When we aren’t play fighting, we are dancing to old rock tunes.


2 Comments on “Hadouken Meme”

  1. Euniboob says:

    Stop being so damn cute, you two. :)

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