I went back home

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I’m sorry if I didn’t let everyone know, but I was in Vancouver for a one-day work event. The Art of Leadership was held last Thursday, and my coworker/friend A ballz and I were there to take it in. One highlight was watching Susan Cain who first crossed my YouTube screen first in a Ted talk on the power of introverts.

Another highlight was just being home. My entire family lives in Vancouver, and it’s almost a treat to go back due to limited vacation time and the ridiculous airline fees to/from Toronto. This past trip, I went on my own while Cy stayed in Toronto. I spent time with my family and in laws, and even caught some very quick bites with some very close friends.

While I was home, it was comfortable yet strange at the same time. I was surrounded by a once familiar life that I left behind nearly 3 years ago. Meals that my mom would make, the interactions with my family, the smell and taste of her cooking, old clothing from my university days, the neighbourhood that I’ve known so well that proudly boasts one of my favourite bakeries in the city…and more.

Even with all of these things, I was missing something and someone – my home that I made with Cy. It makes me think, what does home really mean to me now?


2 Comments on “I went back home”

  1. Patty says:

    Great post! I felt the exact same way when I went to Toronto in March for a wedding without hubby. It was my parent’s place now not mine and my home was with my hubby in Washington DC. Granted, I loved being “mommy’ed” by my mom..lol nothing like mom’s cooking ;)

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