I scored my first goal!

Judy and Cyrus play floor hockey at Just 4 Fun TSSC-OurTorontoLifeHappy dance! I scored my first goal this season on the very last floor hockey game. Cy had an assist, and he was the one yelling at me to shove it in. What a dirty goal, but it was clearly in.

As you can guess, I’m not a great player. I’m just gritty, and Cy has some smooth offense – he scored a goal this game too.

This past season, we played with Black Ice 2: Hit The Skids as part of the Toronto Sports & Social Club (TSSC). Our team mates included some old friends including Arta, Theo and Eunice; and, some new friends including Bert, Lucy, Cheryl, Joe, Bernard, Wolfie, and Stan.

Next up, we have playoffs! Then, Cy and I tackle our usual summer sports – softball and ultimate!


2 Comments on “I scored my first goal!”

  1. Awww congrats Judy!!! And you guys are so adorable! Love that you play sports together :)

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