We got tickets to Ms Mr at Wrong Bar!

Ms Mr from singer22.com on OurTorontoLife
Back in the Van, Cy and I went to a lot of concerts together. Before we were “steady” (so Saved By The Bell), he asked me to the Weezer concert (2008) which was a whole month down the road. What a tricky situation,  where you think to yourself – “are we still going to be together then?!” But, it worked out. I mean, we’ve gone more smokey, hoarse-throated concerts since then.

Now, that we are in Toronto. I feel like we haven’t taken advantage of all the different shows that come into town – or, even the cool, little venues.

Places like Echo Beach, Sound Academy, Lee’s Palace, Massey Hall, The Garrison, Drake Underground and other places that people tell us about.

Finally, we finally did something about it. We got pre-sale tickets today, and I’m excited.


SXSW to Toronto, Ms Mr is playing on May 22nd at Wrong Bar. My ears got a hold of them on a random 8tracks.com playlist (probably something tagged as indie pop and rock). And, I LOVE this duo.

The Ms does the vocals while the Mr does the music.

What else do you need to know?
They are from NY.
Filed under indie, pop and rock.
Sounds like Florence and The Machine.
Listen to Bones (from Game of Thrones soundtrack), Hurricane

Ms Mr from konbini.com OurTorontoLife
One of the best part parts? The tickets are only $12.50 (you can get them via Facebook presale today until 10PM via Live Nation with the access code of “ticket” – or, get them tomorrow via Ticketweb). Hello, do it!

Only 61 days until the show.


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