Date Night at Masa Sushi

Vegetarian Date Night at Masa

Look at dem married folks on a Wednesday date night! Hey, just because you are married doesn’t mean you can’t date. It’s easier without kids in the picture. This time, Masa Sushi was our spot of choice, and we took advantage of a special Buytopia deal ($10 buy for a cool $20 spend – you won’t be sorry)!

The restaurant has been under new management since early January, and I can tell that the owner Michael and his staff have been busting their butts to present the best version of the place. It was immaculately clean, and setting was so warm with so many comfortable seating arrangements (good for groups too). Most importantly, the menu is impressive. Here comes the Vancouverite in me, I’m judge-y Miss. Picky when it comes to my fresh, melt-in-your-mouth sushi. There were lots of great amateur sushi items (dynamite roll and the like), and some neat specials (japan salmon salad roll – see below)! Also, there were lots of vegetarian options.

YES, Cy and I are on a VEGETARIAN diet. We’ve been meat free (except seafood) for 5 consecutive days now. Call it an experiment inspired by the documentary “Forks Over Knives”, and we are hoping to see if it is feasible for our lifestyle and health.

So, this is what we ordered with some special recommendations from Michael:

fresh salmon salad roll gindara grilled black

I’m drooling in my mouth now.  Japan Salmon Salad Roll is like a pop of refreshing summer in your mouth! Fresh cucumber around salmon, avocado and shrimp. while the Gindara – grilled black cod was butter-y with a distinct Teriyaki flavour.

urajiro mushroom stuffed with

Order this. The Urajiro is a Japanese mushroom, and I’ve never ever had it like this. The exterior is light and crisp, and the piping hot inside was full of flavours that blended so well together – all that mushroom, shrimp, and green onions.

fresh mango salmon roll spicy tuna roll at masa sushi with
Who said that Vancouver was home to the best sushi in the world? This is pretty good, and you know this for several reasons. Melt-in-the-mouth fish that is velvety and absolutely no fishy taste or aftertaste. The flavours of the fresh mango salmon roll were so fresh with the sweet mango. While the spicy tuna roll was great with the crispy tempura bits and spicy kick of a sauce.

pan fried soba noodles with

By the time the soba noodles came, we were nearly stuffed. But, both Cy and I managed to take in a few mouthfuls of this. There are lots of grilled veggies in this one!

green tea
A girl doesn’t say no to dessert! At least not this one. Green tea ice cream is one of Cy’s favourite ice cream flavours.

We have got to do food night, I mean, date night more often! Masa Sushi left us both full and happy. Thanks again to the hospitable Michael and his staff!

Try it out for yourself and maybe your special someone or friend? And, make sure to get the Buytopia deal – I’d hate for you to not save money on that AYCE, teppanyaki, or à la carte sushi!

15 Charles Street E., Toronto (near Yonge and Bloor)
TEL: 416-920-3388
FAX: 416-920-2288

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  1. That Buytopia Masa Sushi deal looks great! I’ll have to try it. Have also been meaning to watch Forks Over Knives!

    • Lori, the deal will get you a pretty good amount of food (it’s very moderately priced). Fill me in on what you ordered there (and your thoughts on Forks Over Knives). Cheers!

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