The Real Life Candy Crush


At first, I thought that it was a stupid game. It’s just another Bejeweled! Then, all it took was one bored-try-to-stay-awake TTC ride to trigger the download of the Candy Crush Saga app by games.

Since then, I’ve almost missed my bus stop multiple times because of a captivating game of creating candy combinations (match at least 3 of the same candies in a row), “clearing all the jelly” (match at least 3 of the same candies in “jelly” in a limited number of moves), and “moving fruit down to the bottom” (match at least 3 of the same candies to move the fruit from the top to the bottom of the grid).

Anyways, I was inspired to create version of real life Candy Crush. Ok, I’m a bit of a candy fanatic. One trip to Bulk Barn, and I got the following for $0.86 (except the Clorets):

  • Blue gum balls
  • Yellow cry baby sours
  • Orange jelly beans
  • Red Mike + Ikes
  • Purple Bunnies + Flowers
  • Green Clorets ($1.69 from Macs)

Start crushing some candy – you can find the app for Facebook, iPhone and Android phones.


23 Comments on “The Real Life Candy Crush”

  1. Stacey says:

    YAy!! I’ve been trying to figure out which candy resemble candy crush the most. Thank you!!

  2. Mason says:

    I like Candy Crush and its what to do when ur out of lives on computer…

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  4. Have you thought of doing a collection inspired from the new launch Pet Rescue Saga? I think that the outcome would be really admirable.

  5. […] Amazing picture of real-life Candy Crush cuteness from […]

  6. K_K says:

    How about real life versions of Striped, Jelly Fish, and Packaged Candies? (I think it’s far more difficult to make a real-life Color Bomb.)

  7. OmG I looooove this! Especially because I’m obsessed with Candy Crush too! Genius picture. And look, everyone wants the image too! lol Great job Judy.

  8. Paulie Warriner says:

    Hi. I’d love to find some of the purple ones somewhere, but googling for bunnies and flowers isn’t getting me anywhere. Could you offer any help, please? My twitter handle is @pauliewarriner and obvs I’d credit you and point to your blog if you could help me.

    Thanks in advance

  9. Kang Long says:

    Can I use this picture as a background for a non commercial thing please?

  10. good stuff here!! do you allow us include this photo in our Gallery Section

  11. Chin Heng says:

    Hello, I’m trying to create a real life Candy Crush. I have checked with Bulk Barn and they do not deliver to Singapore. Do you think you can do me a favor and help me to get some of these candies? You can calculate how much my order would cost and I can pay you via paypal before you place the order. Please pm me if you think we can work something out. Thanks!

    • chin, thanks for the message. this was definitely a fun (and tasty) exercise. i just sent you an email – take a look! btw, i’ll be interested to see another take on it – i’m sure there are other candies that would look just as good (ie. real fruit gummies for the purple flowers).

      • Wendy says:

        Hi, I am also from Singapore and would like to have a packet of all this candy crush. Can you let me know the details about how to go about it. Thanks so much.

      • Wendy, I have the loose candy from this very Candy Crush that I can provide you a quote for shipping + fees if you want it. Other than that, I can’t source most of it anymore because some of the candies were available only during Easter time.

      • Wendy says:

        Hi, Thanks for your reply. May I know what are the candies that are not available and how much will it cost to ship to Singapore. You can email me the details at

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