olive + piper: Pretty and Soft vs. Edgy and Cool?

Olive + Piper Necklaces - OurTorontoLife.com

Being more “girly” is a recent thing for me. Back in the day, I used to be a tom boy where I climbed trees, dressed only in t-shirts & jeans, and never ever wore jewelry.

I’m a bit older now, and one fashion lesson that I learnt is that accessories like jewelry can completely spruce up an outfit. The next step is finding your style, or different styles! Example: edgy goth, blingy princess, or euro minimalistic.

For me, I kind of like it all. Call me a chameleon if you want to. That’s why I can’t pick between these two necklaces from olive + piper.

Pretty and soft Cheshire Blooming Collar ($35) on the left? Or, edgy and cool Maddox Spike Collar ($30) on the right? HELP ME!

A little about olive + piper from their Twitter bioFollow us for the latest styles in affordable + trendy jewelry that’ll make your heart happy. Ships worldwide.


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