Happy Birthday, Cyrus!

Happy Birthday, Cyrus - OurTorontoLife.com

It’s my best friend’s birthday! If you don’t know him, this is Cyrus:

1) He’s super friendly! If you are a stranger, there’s always a smile and “Hi, how are you?” if you walk by him on the street.

2) He’s got the wit! Maybe in a big crowd, he’ll be one of the quieter ones. But, once you listen in, he can unleash the jokes like nobody’s business.

3) He’s a smart cookie! There’s no problem that he can’t fix or build. It must be in his blood because when he was a kid, he built a telephone with random things around the house. Nowadays, he uses this ability as a mechanical engineer to design parts for cars!

Happy Birthday, Cyrus!

PS. What did we do to celebrate? Last night, we went to Dave and Busters arcade  for dinner that ended with chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream from Phipps Bakery Cafe, Time Crisis 4, and bubble tea.

Today is his actual birthday! See the next blog post for what I made him for his birthday breakfast…it involved pulled pork!


2 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Cyrus!”

  1. Happy birthday to your hubby! Sounds like he had a great day – TC4 is such a classic!

    • Thanks, JoJo! I passed along the bday message to Cy, and he says, “THANK YOU!”

      TC4 was played many times last night. Personally, I was looking for Tekken. But, they didn’t have it, haha.

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