9 Sri Lankan Treats from Martin Bakery

245 Finch Avenue East #11

A field trip to Martin Bakery with my coworkers Chani, Victoria, Vanessa, Mala, Tyler and Laura!

Toronto and the surrounding suburbs are home to people from diverse demographics and psychographics. Even as an ex-Vancouverite coming from Hongcouver, I was really pleasantly surprised to find how much more diverse Toronto was. It shows in what the city has to offer with the vibrant festivals, distinct neighbourhoods, wonderful people and tantalizing foods.

Sometimes it’s hard to come by those special hole-in-the-wall restaurants because they exist as a gem that people know about but keep to themselves. One of these gems was introduced to me by my co-worker, Chani. Her recommendation was for a Sir Lankan bakery in Markham called Martin’s Bakery. The simple name and store with the Peptol Bismo walls don’t give away the true essence of what this bakery has to offer.
9 Sri Lankan Treats from Martin's BakeryFrom left to right/top to bottom:

1. Tuna Ball Crispy outside with a tuna and spice mixture inside. This might not agree with you if you don’t like fish.

2. Spinach Doughnut Crispy falafel with spinach and ginger. Cy said that the first bite had the texture of tender chicken.

3. Samosa Bun Spicy filling inside a doughy, soft and delicious bun.

4. Onion Bun Comfort in a bun! The flavoured onions were homey and spiced just right. Maybe there was a hint of cinnamon?

5. Dumpling Mashed potatoes with a spicy kick inside this dumpling – yum!

6. Tim Bit – Sri Lankan style!  Sweet and crispy shell with a doughy centre and a big slice of banana inside. Eat this one last as dessert!

7. Chick Pea Cookie Can I call this a healthy cookie? It tasted like one with the fibrous and crunchy shell – but the inside was soft and hearty with chick peas and sesame.

8. Vegetarian Bun Spiced potatoes and carrots with fennel inside a bun.

9. Spring Roll It’s a standard Asian spring roll? Vermicelli and vegetable filling inside a crunch shell.

Most of the baked goods behind the counter were 3 for $1. Cheap! All my goodies above cost me $4.20 including tax.

Martin Bakery is located at 3245 Finch Avenue East #11.


One Comment on “9 Sri Lankan Treats from Martin Bakery”

  1. Rojan S says:

    Hey Martin Bakery has moved to a new location.

    2761 MARKHAM ROAD Unit 15
    Toronto, ON M1X OA4

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