The Story of My Laptops

Disclaimer: I consider myself tech-y for certain things, but not when it comes to computers. This blog is about my stories including misfortunes with one of the most intimate objects in my life – my laptops (1 of the 5 things that I’d save from a house fire*).

2007-2008 | Toshiba Satellite A Series, 15″

My first laptop was a chunky Toshiba Satellite A Series. I got it on sale when I went back to school to re-direct my career in the field of marketing. That first year of school, my laptop was helpful because I was obsessed with becoming productive every minute of the day to get top grades. After a year, it got slow and I got sick of carrying it around (and sick of studying so much)  since it was so heavy.

Then, I burned it by accident because my halogen light at my desk was too close to the plastic around the monitor.

2008-2012 | Macbook Pro, 13″

I had it with PC, and I swore that Apple made far better products.  Obviously, I just knew that they were user friendly, reliable and looked fantastic. Lucky for me, Cy bought me a Macbook Pro for my birthday. For three years, my Macbook Pro went everywhere with me in a red Acme Made laptop bag.

Then, I left it on my dinner table a few weeks ago and my cat Yuly knocked over a cup of water onto my Mac. My Mac! My heart! My broken Mac heart…

2012- Present | Samsung Series 9, 13″

PC or Mac? I went with the PC after much research that Cy had helped me with. The Samsung Series 9 is like a Macbook Air when tested for features and performance. In fact, some people go as far as saying that it is a Macbook Air but in a PC body with a PC name. After a few weeks of use, I’d say that it does what I need it to do. It lets me do everything that I need to do for work, and my non-work activities like read, blog, tweet, stream tv shows (we don’t have cable) and listen to music. But, what it doesn’t let me do is use iMovie, and I miss that.

Then, something will happen to this laptop one day and I’ll let you know what happens then.

*The other 4 things that I’d save from a house fire would be Cy, Yuly, wallet and cell phone.


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