Girls’ Night Out: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Girls Night Out: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

“A brilliantly theatrical, superbly designed extravaganza of colour and costume, madcap action and fluent dance.” – The New York Times

Back in February, my friend Alison booked off our ballet date. Yes, we need to plan that far in advance because of our busy schedules. Finally yesterday, Alison, Giorgia and I attended “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” presented by The National Ballet of Canada.

We loved it! It is #1 in my ballet books (not that I have any, and I’m still shaky on my pirouettes).

My highlights from the ballet:

1) The Cheshire cat played by 6 dancers holding the head, legs and tail pieces in sync.

2) The comedic portrayal of pivotal scenes like the introduction of the Queen of Hearts with her unwilling suitors.

3) The meaning and details behind the visual depiction of the story with the set, costumes and even choice of characters. This lends so much since ballets do not involve spoken dialogues.

Side note: If you enjoy people watching, the ballet is for you. Basically, you get 4 groups of ballet goers:

1) Tweens dressed up to the 9s including 6-inch heels for the girls and smart suits for the boys. They are likely students from The National Ballet of Canada since I noticed that they got off at Welleslley station on the TTC.

2) Women in their 20’s and 30’s dressed in their fashionable night-out attire. That’s us! And, my co-worker Laura and her friend Erica who attended on the same night.

3) Families with adorable young children.

4) Couples where the girlfriend or wife manages to drag out their boyfriend or husband.

Interested? It is playing until November 25, 2012 at Four Seasons Centre – tickets range from $25-180.


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