The Chinese Coca Cola

Chinese Coca Cola

A review of Chin Chin Grass Jelly drink from T&T.

It’s not green. Instead, grass jelly is dark, almost black. Grass jelly is made from leaves and stalks of a plant related to the mint family. Often times, it is served as a drink or even as a dessert in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In this drink, there was grass jelly liquid and grass jelly. It was a snack and a drink at the same time (like bubble tea).

The Breakdown

Grass Jelly Liquid – it’s kind of like a Chinese version of Coca Cola but it’s not fizzy, and it has a “grassy” taste to it (no kidding)

Grass Jelly – it’s hard to pour out of the can. The grass jelly is tasty, but you’d be enjoying it at the end of the can or cup if you don’t have a bubble tea straw handy.

Cost – $0.89 per can, so it’s cheap

Judy says, “oh la la, I like it.” Cy says, “it’s gross.”

2 Comments on “The Chinese Coca Cola”

  1. Sarah says:

    Cy… giving Zoolander a run for his money there!

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