What is the Toronto Underground Market (TUM)?

What is the Toronto Underground Market (TUM)?

All it took was a short walk, subway ride, shuttle bus, and another short walk to take Laura (my MHS co-worker friend) and I to the November TUM at the Evergreen Market. For the non-commuter, that would be enough to make you faint five times over. But, I’m used to it. So is Laura who lives about 100 steps away from me.

And, was TUM worth the commute? Yes. The gourmet food market was made up of really good smells and really good food.

Between the two of us, some of the things we tried included:

  • Cornbread grilled cheese with jalepenos topped with guacamole and creme fraiche from Comida Del Pueblo
    Not spicy like you think it might end up being. Very good until you get to the end because it was a big serving, and it didn’t taste as good cold.  
  • Fish taco from La Carnita
     Flavourful 4 bites with fish that didn’t taste like it was frozen. It’s worth the line up, and I bet there were 200 people in the line up by 7PM.
  • Tomato soup with balsamic vinegar Chocolate caramel brownie from Elle Cuisine
    Laura said this was a great way to end the night of indulgence.
  • Meaty Cuban Sandwich from Fidel Gastro
    Laura said this was very very good.

Obviously, I didn’t remember all the food names or bother to jot them down because my hands were too busy putting food into my mouth (especially the piped and torched marshmallow on my hand). Sorry.

Next TUM? It looks like it is happening in Feb of 2012.

Tips: Get your tickets the same day that tickets are released for sale. Get to the event early to avoid the crowd around 8PM. Bring a warm jacket or sweater, the venue is covered but you are basically outside. Split up with your friends so that you can minimize wait time at the line ups. Research the vendors and the food options ahead of time.


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