One Hour in High Park

One Hour in High ParkOne Hour in High Park
Cy and I  caught changing colours of High Park on a sunny day. You can find trees at any old park, but High Park isn’t just any old park. It’s like the Central Park of Canada! Next time, we’ll have to spend more than one hour in High Park.


2 Comments on “One Hour in High Park”

  1. James says:

    Save High Park from the many developers who want to surround the park with huge glass condominium buildings.

    Sign the petition

  2. Love this! Simple but thought provoking. I LOVE writing in the park, the smell of the air, and the quietness of nature. Feel free to check out my blog at:

    I write about Love, Life, Healthy Relationships, and Overcoming Emotional and Sexual Abuse.

    BE. Extraordinary,


    (I found you on someone else’s blog comment)

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