Our JuCy Wedding: Gotta Be The Good Life

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On August 21, 2011, Cy and I got married! “They” say that your wedding day is one of the happiest day of your life. I think it’s true because on that day, it meant so much more.

– Cy and I would be together after over a year of long distance dating

– Cy and I (and our cat, Yuly) would be saying goodbye to Vancouver, and starting our lives together in Toronto.

To share in our special day, we want to extend a quick thank you to our wonderful family and friends for being present, open and loving in our lives.

Now, I’ll just let the pictures (from Randal Kurt Photography, amazing work they do) do the talking (and there are a lot of them).

PS. On that day, and leading up to that day, we kept that “keep calm and carry on” attitude. And, it helped. So, that would be the biggest piece of underrated and overly said advice that we could give future brides and grooms.

PSS. Our wedding website is still alive at www.gottabethegoodlife.com


One Comment on “Our JuCy Wedding: Gotta Be The Good Life”

  1. Randal Kurt says:

    We love your post Judy and Cy. We’ll miss you guys in TO – you were wonderful to capture from your couple session that day on Granville Island to your wedding day. You have a wonderful way of being and playing together – it’s wonderful to watch. Don’t ever stop!! Take care and stay in touch.

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