Vancouver vs Toronto

Cy moved to Toronto from Vancouver a few weeks ago.

For me, I’ve already lived here for 1 year, 4 months and 9 days in the “Centre of the Universe.” I can safely say that comparing Vancouver to Toronto is like comparing apples to oranges.

In our wedding poll, we asked:

Which city do you enjoy more? Vancouver or Toronto?

a. Beautiful Rainy Vancouver
b. All Business Snowy Toronto

Poll results heavily favoured Beautiful Rainy Vancouver – 94.3%. Not a surprise since a lot of website visitors – friends and family were from Vancouver.

But, I’m going to compare the basics anyways – it’s only natural. See Cy’s perspective below:

– “In the summer, the one big difference would be the temperatures in Toronto. It stays warm even at night – ¬†patio culture!”

– “Where are all my cha chan teng (Hong Kong style cafes that serve quick, tasty, and well-priced food)? There are easily accessible Chinese food in Vancouver and Richmond. In Toronto, I hear you have to go all the way to Richmond Hill or Markham (we haven’t explored those areas yet). Aside from that, I don’t think there are differences. For example, Pubby food is pubby food.”

– “It’s not too much different. But, you do notice a bit of a patience difference – Toronto has less of it.”

– “(Haha) everyone here thinks that they are a race car driver – it’s every man (or woman) for themselves. Yellow means drive faster. Red means maybe I can squeeze through. You can’t trust the drivers, even the unexpected – it will be expected.”

-“The highways, there are a lot of them. And, there are cliffs that look like lemmings would drop off of. Also, distances on maps are deceiving – it takes forever to go from one place to another.”

– “Most houses are OLD, 60 year homes are typical in Toronto.”

So, I ask which city does Cy like better? He says, “Oh no! (he didn’t want to really answer this) It depends. For our careers, new city experiences – it’s Toronto for us.”

But, “you never forget where you came from” says, Cy.


4 Comments on “Vancouver vs Toronto”

  1. Christian says:

    You’re having a hard time finding good Chinese food – in Toronto? They practically invented Chinatown :-) Have you been to Kensington Market / Spadina area from College to, like, Queen? I can’t recommend places, but I’m sure Kevin Q can help (maybe all the best places are in Markham anyways…)
    I like your comparisons above, well put.

    • Cyrus says:

      Yeah, it may be a Midtown thing… too far north from downtown, and too far south from Markham. I guess the only Chinese food we’ll get is from our own kitchen =) Chess the musical, tomorrow night! Will let you know how it is.


  2. Jennifer Chen says:

    Cy (and Judy, who i actually haven’t met in person),

    Welcome to Toronto!
    If you need suggestions for dim sum / HK style diner, shanghai food etc…. let me know. I do live in Markham :P


    • Hi Jennifer (nice to meet you virtually)!

      Thanks, and we are in dire need of some good Chinese suggestions in Markham (there is zip in our Yonge/Eg area). Maybe we can do a foodie meet up, what do you say?


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